“My goal is to get to know each client and give them the best treatment they have ever had.” - Ken


My name is Ken Kotner.  I am a licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Hawai.  (MAT-11831)  I have been actively practicing body work and Yoga for over 25 years.  I am also a gardener and have been working with my hands and body for most of my life.  I combine the lessons I have learned about the body from farming and building with anatomy to give you a truly unique massage. I love what I do. I tailor each session to the specific needs of the client.  This is true for first time clients as well as people I have been seeing on a regular basis.

My goal is to get to know each client and give them the best treatment they have ever had. Many first time clients say that their treatment was different than other types of massage they have had.  I integrate different modalities including: Lomi Lomi, Sweedish, Shiatsu, Deep tissue, and Myofacial Release. I get you to disengage; resulting in rejuvenation of body and spirit.

Come see me at my studio on Paikapahu St.  (MAE- 3070  )

I am excited to work with you. Ken

I am so blessed to live on the same island as Ken, the unmatched master of massage!  I have experienced the healing art of massage across the far reaches of the globe and never come across a more consciously connected, gifted and humble healer.  Choose to achieve your highest potential of wholeness...body, mind and spirit, Ken is your conduit to establishing unprecedented vibration and achieving wellness.
— Shanna R., Kealakekua, HI

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